How to Use Metal Detector Digging Tools: Knives, Shovels, and Trowels

You have picked the best metal detector for beginners, and now you are ready to search for the lost treasures. Sadly, you need a few more accessories to guarantee you a successful hunt, including a treasure storage pouch, pinpointing devices, headphones, and metal detecting digging tools.

What are the tools you need to unearth your targets, and how do you use them? We have the different types of metal detector digging tools and how you can use each one of them in this article.

Metal Detecting Digging Tools

Types of Metal Detector Diggers

There are hundreds of digging tools that you can use to retrieve your targets. The most popular ones are:

1. Metal Detector Hunting Knives

They are simple tools that you can use to dig the ground and recover your treasures. These knives are made of sturdy hardened stainless steel material and enable you to dig out small objects near the ground.

Knives can also help you to get treasures resting below roots or in areas with rocks. Metal hunting knives are made specially to do the digging work, and some come with serrate section and scale.

The knives also come with a belt holster that can allow you to mount them on your waist.

2. Metal Detecting Shovels

Metal detecting shovels are smaller than garden ones and are made to allow easy digging. They are made of quality materials that can enable you to dig hard surfaces without the tool breaking.

Their compact design allows you to carry them without a hassle when metal detecting.

3. Metal Detecting Trowels

These trowels are smaller than a standard shovel but more significant than a detector digging knife. They are made of hardened stainless steel to give them the durability you desire and the ability to penetrate robust grounds.

While shovels are best suited for areas with soft soils, the trowels can work in most conditions. They allow you to find treasures in places with roots where the shovel cannot fit, and the knife is inadequate.

Important Tip: You should buy metal digging tools made of hardened stainless steel material because they do not rust and can dig robust grounds. It is also advisable to get devices with serrated edges to enable you to cut through sod.

How to Use Metal Detector Digging Tools

We now turn our attention to using these knives, shovels, and trowels. Let us get started:

Using a Metal Detector Hunting Knife

You can use your metal detecting digging knife to retrieve the coin, jewelry, relic, gold nugget, or any other treasure you find. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Hold your digging knife on the handle using one hand – above the handguard.
  2. Cut a V-shape in the soil around the target – like a slice of pie.
  3. Lift the sod without damaging the intact roots – the uncut side of the V acts as the hinge.
  4. Retrieve your object.
  5. Replace the sod and step on it to attach to the ground.
  6. Move on to the next target

Nobody can tell you unearthed the treasure if you do it the right way using your digging knife. That means having a knife with a thick blade that cannot bend, but thin enough to penetrate through the soil with ease.

Using a Metal Detector Trowel

A trowel can allow you to dig small holes and scoop the soil to expose the treasure. You can follow these steps when digging using your tool:

  1. Hold the handle of your trowel with one hand
  2. Place the trowel’s sharpened tip on the ground.
  3. Apply pressure to drive the blade into the soil until the base of the handle is touching the ground.
  4. Press down the upper part of the hand to tilt the blade and push the soil out of the surface.
  5. Lift your digging trowel by the handle and place the soil on a plastic sheet near the hole.
  6. Repeat the process until you find your target.
  7. Refill the hole when you find your treasure and step on it.

You can use metal detector digging trowels to dig treasures resting a few inches on the ground.

Using a Metal Detector Digging Shovel

The other type of digging tools you can use to retrieve your treasure is the digging shovels. Digging becomes most useful when you dig straight down.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Grip your digging shovel’s handle with your hands.
  2. Place the shovel’s tip on the ground with the blade resting vertically above the ground. The shaft, handle, and the blade should be in a straight line.
  3. Stand straight and place one foot on the shovel’s stepping surface. Some tools have a rolled shoulder or a tread that can enable you to put your foot firmly.
  4. Push the shovel down by applying pressure on the blade using your foot. You can also add weight by pressing the handle using your hands.
  5. Once the blade is inside the ground, bend your knees, tilt the upper part of the handle, and lift the shovel with the soil. One hand should be half-way the shaft with the other grasping the handle.
  6. Pour the soil on a plastic sheet near the hole.
  7. Retrieve your treasure.
  8. Refill the hole and step on the ground to make it firm.

Shovels are recommended for digging deeper and wider holes. You can use this technique to unearth more significant treasures.

Metal Detecting Digging Etiquettes

There are rules that metal detectorists should follow when finding and digging treasures. Here are two essential rules:

  • Always refill the hole: You should ensure that you cause as minimal disturbance to the ground as possible. Also, refill the hole when you retrieve the treasure.
  • Get hunting permission: Ensure that you get permission to look for treasure in both the public and private properties.

In Conclusion

You need the right metal detector digging accessory to have a successful hunting day. The digging knife can allow you to dig small holes, the trowel goes deeper, while the shovel creates the deepest holes.