Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Review 2021

Garrett Ace 300 is an affordable metal detector that costs just over $250 and is an entry-level device for new detectorists. It is an upgraded version of the Ace 250, which was a top-quality detector.

That means you can expect to find all the best features of the Ace 250 in the Ace 300, as well as other features. Here we have the Garrett Ace 300 review to give you all the information you would require when buying this metal detector.

garrett ace 300

Garrett Ace 300 Features and Benefits

Let us examine the top features and benefits of the Garrett Ace 300. 

1. Digital Target ID

Garrett Ace 300 comes with both the segment-based discrimination and digital target ID to identify your target with ease. The digital target ID has a scale of 0-99, with the higher numbers indicating a high conductivity.

Hence, all high conductivity metals will produce a signal in the 90s range, such as silver. The low conductivity ones like iron provide a signal at a scale of 0-30. 

The mid-range of 40-60 takes care of mid-conductivity metals like aluminum and gold. That means you have an easy time identifying your targets.

One thing you should note is the target ID can be affected by the depth and size of the treasures and the mineralization in that area.  The digital ID feature of the Ace 300 also allows for an accurate representation of the treasures – that means you can know if you have found zinc or copper pennies.

2. Adjustable Frequency

Although this is a feature that you might not use for a long time, this metal detector allows you to vary the frequency. Its operating frequency is 8kHz, but as noted, you can adjust it to suit your detection needs.

That allows you to go hunting with your friend and have confidence your metal detector will operate effectively. It is also a feature that will enable you to prevent WiFi and power lines signals from interfering with your metal detector.

3. Improved Iron Resolution

Garrett Ace 300 metal detector reviews show that this product provides 2x the iron discrimination power of the Ace 250. That makes it the perfect model for getting rid of iron junk that can waste your time when finding treasures.

The improved resolution also ensures that your metal detector removes trash from neighboring useful items.

4. Search Modes

It is an excellent feature that allows you to limit your search to get the target you are interested in finding. The product comes with up to five search modes, which are:

  • Zero disc: The features allow you to spot all metals without discriminating, even the iron trash. It is useful if you are hunting treasures that are covered in iron or are near this trash.
  • Custom: It is a unique feature that enables you to select what to detect and what to ignore. You can choose to find specific types of metals while leaving others behind.
  • Coins: The discrimination allows you to find all kinds of currencies, including dime, quarter, and nickel. All the other segments are removed from the search field.
  • Jewelry: It is a feature that ensures you find jewelry without much interference from the iron trash.
  • Relics: The feature allows you to find old treasures.

The variables work by removing individual targets from the detector’s target ID scale. Although they show up on the screen, the unselected segments will not produce audio to alert you.

While you can choose any of the five modes, only the custom mode remembers the settings when you start another hunting session.

5. Ace 300 Pinpoint

Garrett Ace 300 metal detector for sale ads shows that this product comes with a built-in pinpointer. It is a feature that allows you to find your target faster and pinpoint its precise location.

The feature can allow you to know how deep the items are buried and save you time when searching for treasures. You do not have to buy an extra pinpointer when using the Ace 300 detector.

6. Weatherproof Design

The search coil and the shaft are waterproof while the control box is weatherproof. That means you can hunt under shallow water.

You should ensure that the control box does not get submerged in water.

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof…
  • Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with submersible…
  • Includes 3 FREE Accessories:
  • Volume control Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones

Key Specifications

  • Weighs 5.13 pounds
  • Measures 22 x 11 x 6 inches
  • Comes with a 7-inch by the 10-inch waterproof search coil
  • Includes detector and search coil covers
  • Volume controls are clear
  • Include free accessories


  • Comes with an internal pinpointer
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with covers to protect it from weather
  • Offers five search modes


  • No manual ground balance feature

Garrett Ace 300 FAQs

Here are popular questions about the Ace 300 metal detector.

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Q: Is Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Ideal for Beach Use?

A: The Ace 300 has a waterproof pole and search coil; however, it is not recommended for saltwater use. Some people have used this metal detector at the beach and reported success. 

Q: Is there a Difference Between Garrett Ace 200, 300, and 400 Metal Detectors?

A: Ace 300 is the mid-level detector among the three, with the Ace 200 being an entry-level and the 400 a higher model. That means the Ace 300 can offer all the features of the 200 model, but it does miss some of the 400.

Q: Is the Garrett Ace 300 a Heavy Metal Detector?

A:  It is a lightweight machine that you can operate for hours without getting tired. You can also adjust its length from 40-53 inches.

Q: Is Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector a Good Machine?

A:  It is a quality machine that you can operate with ease. The product is also lightweight enough to allow you to use it for an hour.

The machine is recommended for all new detectorists and even professionals.

Final Word

You now know what the Garrett Ace 300 has in store for you and what it can detect. It is a quality machine that provides features of a high-end metal detector at an affordable price.