Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Coins 2022 [In-Depth]

Coin hunting is a popular hobby among beginners and experienced metal hunters. It is an exercise that people of all ages can enjoy, and most metal detectors detect coin regardless of their design, price, and quality.

Is there a need to find the best metal detectors for coins if you can pick these treasures with almost any machine you come across? The best devices can ensure that you find coins that are resting deep in the ground.

Such metal detectors also come with additional features that can make your activity more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Best Metal Detectors For Coins

The Best Metal Detectors for Coins

We have taken our time to review some of the best metal detectors that you can use to find coins. They are quality products that can provide you with the service you desire for years.

1. Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector

Garrett’s products users requested a metal detector they can use underwater, and they got the Garrett AT PRO with Pro-Pointer AT Underwater Pinpointer. It is a coin detector with lots of amazing features, as outlined below:

  • Pro Mode Audio: It offers Tone Roll Audio and Proportional Audio abilities to ensure that you hear the target’s characteristics like you would listen to in a True All-Meta Mode.
  • Digital Target ID: The digital Target ID has a scale of 0-99 and lets you distinguish the objects better through conductivity.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination: The machine allows you to use touchpads to program iron discrimination among 40 levels for ultimate separation of treasure from trash.
  • Iron Audio: It allows you to hear the discriminated iron and to change your detector’s mid-tone alert range.
  • 15kHz Frequency: The frequency comes in handy when detecting small objects like jewelry, gold nuggets, and coins.
  • Graphic Target Analyzer: The GTA helps you to identify the metal through conductivity.
  • Fast Recovery Speed: It is a unique feature that ensures you detect the coins amongst trash.
  • Ground Balance: The machine offers both the manual and automatic ground balance to guarantee better performance.
  • All-Terrain Versatility: That is possible because the housing is weatherproof for wet, humid, and dusty environments.
  • Submersible: You can submerge your metal detector up to 10 feet, and it comes with a waterproof pinpointer.
  • Battery Condition Indicator: It helps you to view the battery life to time your hunting duration.
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: It is a unique feature that you can use to figure out the coin’s depth.
  • Search Modes: The machine comes with six discrimination patterns plus electronic pinpointing, letting you choose from Custom, Coins or Zero in Professional Mode or Standard Mode, and Pinpoint.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 22 x 11 x 6 inches
  • Product Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Battery Type: 4 AA batteries
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (scale 0-99)


  • Weatherproof metal detector
  • Easily ignore trash
  • Battery life indicator
  • Lightweight design


  • Only two years warranty
  • An expensive model

2. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

The machine comes with a Waterproof Coil, Headphone, and other accessories to make your hunting efficient and comfortable. Below are some of its major features

  • Controls: It is a coin metal detector that boasts an easy-to-use control box, and all its buttons are clearly labeled.
  • Digital Target ID: You can quickly figure out the target in the ground using the target ID, which runs from 0-99 to match most metals conductivities.
  • Adjustable Frequency: The machine comes with an 8kHz frequency and lets you tweak it to match your needs when hunting with other people.
  • Search Modes: You get five pre-set modes that make it easier to search the target. They include custom, relics, coin, jewelry, and no-discrimination.
  • Iron Discrimination: Another notable feature is the improved iron discrimination that ensures you avoid trash.
  • Electronic Pinpointing Function: It is a feature that can help you to find the exact location of the treasure before you scoop or dig it out.
  • Waterproof Coil: Note that only the coil is waterproof; it is not a submersible metal detector.
  • Three Tones Audio: They include High Tones, Medium Tones, and Low Tones. High pitch means you have found coins while low one means there are nails.
  • Ground Balance: The available ground balance comes pre-set.

         Read Our Details Review about this model Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 21.3 x 14.41 x 8.7 inches
  • Product Weight: 7.49 pounds
  • Battery Type: 4 AA batteries
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (scale 0-99)


  • Electronic pinpointing mode
  • Easy-to-use control box
  • Improved iron discrimination
  • Detects different metals


  • Only the coil is waterproof
  • Standard tones

3. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

If you are looking for the best coin metal detector, then you should consider the Fisher F75 Metal Detector. The machine comes with an improved technology that makes it ideal for reaching more significant depth. Here are some of its main features:

  • Numerical Target ID: The system has a 0-99 scale Target ID that allows you to differentiate your treasures using conductivity.
  • Target Confidence Indicator: It has six segments that means you can have confidence in the target if you see the full six rating
  • Target ID Categories: The categories offer a quick estimate and play a part in notch discrimination.
  • Search Modes: You get three search modes, which are the Discrimination, Static All metal, and Motion All Metal.
  • Adjustable Settings: You can adjust the ground balance, audio pitch, and sensitivity when using the All Metal Modes feature.
  • Discrimination Settings: It provides you with a scale of 0-65 to ensure that you get rid of the trash.
  • Notch Discrimination Function: The feature allows you to include or eliminate targets using the notch discrimination function.
  • Automatic or Manual Ground Balance: It is a great feature that makes this metal detector the best machine for harsh or hot ground conditions.
  • Search Coils: The detector comes with an 11-inch DD search coil that is waterproof. You cannot use this metal detector underwater as it is not waterproof.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 10.25 x 6.25 x 28.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Battery Type: 4 AA batteries
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (Scale 0-99)


  • Trigger pinpointing mode
  • Digital shielding technology
  • Mineralized graph
  • Waterproof coil


  • Not for underwater use
  • No headphones

4. Teknetics Delta 4000

It is among the most reliable and popular metal detectors by Teknetics that can help you look for coins and other metals. There are a lot of features that make it an excellent product, including:

  • Special Safety Features: It comes with safety features that make it the ideal device for new treasure hunters.
  • Unique Design: The metal detector boasts the rod slots’ S-curve design that makes it easy to handle and attractive.
  • Comfortable to Hold: You get a padded grip made of rugged and soft foam to provide you an adequate grasp of the handle.
  • Control Box: The control box is different in that it displays results in both numeric and graphics values. That is quite helpful for first-time metal hunters.
  • Numeric Target ID: It resembles those of expensive metal detectors and has a scale of 1-99.
  • Search Coil: You get an 8-inch search coil that makes it possible to detect coins, jewelry, and other metals. It is a concentric coil that is recommended for deep identification.
  • Large Digital LCD: You can collect maximum details about the treasure before you can decide to dig it. The LCD shows results for foils, iron, pennies, dimes, and nickels.
  • Long Battery Life: The battery can provide you with up to 20 hours of searching.
  • Long Term Warranty: You get a five-year warranty that covers various features, and you can reach the support team with ease.
  • Lightweight Design: You can use the metal detector for hours without getting tired.

     Read details information about this model Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 11.25 x 6.5 x 40 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Battery Type: singe 9v battery
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (Scale 1-99)


  • Efficient and lightweight detector
  • Combines graphic and numerical target ID
  • For all beginners
  • An affordable model


  • No ground balancing
  • Coil mainly for deeply grounded metals

5. Minelab CTX 3030 Detector

Minelab CTX 3030 Standard Pack is an advanced metal detector that offers a GPS feature for easy spotting when it gets lost. It comes with some fantastic features, as outlined below:

  • FBS 2 Technology: The technology makes use of advanced digital coil-to-detector communication with multiple frequencies (1.5kHz-100kHz) rectangular-wave transmission to provide better signal analysis.
  • Smartfind 2: The feature improves the machine’s FeCo discrimination to evaluate and display the object’s Ferrous and Conductive properties on a color LCD.
  • GPSi: It uses the flexibility of a u-blox GPS engine and high performance to integrated time data and location with your detector settings as well as target information. Here you get GeoHunt, FindPoint, and WayPoint files for fast finding.
  • Wi-Stream: It is a channel that provides wireless technology for maximum sound quality and reliable communication.
  • Waterproof Design: You can use the metal detector underwater up to 10-foot, thanks to the waterproof design.
  • Wireless Audio: You can use the machine’s internal speaker, your favorite headphones, and the supplied headphones to hear the signal. It is wireless technology as it comes with the WM 10 module.
  • FeCo Discrimination: It allows you to ignore trash by adjusting the tone and resolution profiles. The technology also lets you detect multiple targets at a go.
  • GPS Location: You can see where you have searched for metal before using the Navigation Tool and Map screen.
  • Quick Menu: It gives you quick access to ground balance, audio, noise cancel, and sensitivity settings.
  • PC Mapping: You can upload your treasure locations and detector’s settings to your PC.
  • Ergonomic Design: It provides you with a well-balanced metal detector.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 34 x 12.25 x 5.25 inches
  • Product Weight: 4.19 pounds
  • Battery Type: Li-ion battery
  • Warranty: 3-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: FBS 2 technology


  • Full-color display
  • Multi-language application
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless audio feature


  • Quite expensive
  • For professional users

6. White’s Electronics Spectra V3i 

Most metal detectors come with additional accessories, and the White’s Spectra offers you a Baseball cap and a Padded Carry Bag. That is just what you can see when you buy it as there are a dozen features you can soon discover, including:

  • The Shaft: It is made up of three sections, which are the bottom part with the coil, the middle section, and the upper part with the accumulator unit and control.
  • For Use with Strap: The machine has poor balance and can make you get tired quickly if you do not use a strap on the armrest.
  • The Coil: The Package includes a 10-inch DD coil that can help you detect coins resting on the surface.
  • Three Operation Frequencies: You can choose among three operation frequencies: 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, and 22.5kHz. The machine can use all at once, or you can select one.
  • TX Boost: It is a special mode that helps to amplify the signal collected by the search coil. That means you get better depth when hunting in highly mineralized grounds.
  • Headphones: They are wireless headphones that remove the hassle of tangled wires and need of attaching them to the metal detector. Note that the machine also comes with a jack for inserting wired headphones.
  • Clear Signal: The headphones allow you to enjoy a clear sound, and you can operate either the right or the left speaker separately or all at once.
  • Search Modes: They include coins, coin & jewelry, salt beach, relics, prospecting, deep silver, high trash, hi pro, mixed-mode pro, and meteorite.
  • Discrimination: It is only possible at a high level.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 21.6 x 12.6 x 8 inches
  • Product Weight: 12.02 pounds
  • Battery Type: 8 AA batteries
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (3 x 3 Target ID System)


  • Multiple operation modes
  • Uses multiple frequencies
  • Comes with Bluetooth headphones
  • Carry bag


  • Only 8-hour operation
  • Discrimination possible at high-level operation

7. Minelab Equinox 600

The Equinox 600 is the most advanced treasure and coin metal detector by Minelab since the introduction of CTX 3030. It comes from the EQUINOX series of metal detectors that also include the 800 models. Here are its major features:

  • Simultaneous Multi-Frequency: The system offers several single frequencies and the True Intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency. You can bet on maximum performance from these metal detectors.
  • Adaptable Detection Modes: Its detection modes allow you to find coins at various places, including beach, field, and park.
  • Accurate and Fast Target ID: The machine boasts fast recovery speed that ensures you experience the exact Target ID. You can easily find coins among the trash.
  • Custom Search Profiles: There are three Detect Modes, and each one of them offers two Custom Search Profiles to let you save your preferred one.
  • Wireless Audio: The metal detector allows the use of WM 08 and Bluetooth headphones or fast aptX Low Latency to give you ultra-fast wireless audio.
  • Lightweight and Sleek: One great feature about this metal detector is the rugged construction that gives it durability. Despite that, the metal detector is light enough to allow you to use it for hours without getting tired.
  • Waterproof Design: It is the best coin hunting metal detector for people who wish to look for treasure underwater. You can submerge it in lakes, streams, rivers, and beaches for up to 10 feet.
  • User Interface: You get a bright LCD that displays large numbers to ensure that you see your target with ease.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 26 x 13 x 5 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Battery Type: Li-ion battery or 2A batteries
  • Warranty: 3-year for search coil and control unit and 12-month for battery
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency


  • Four frequency options (5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, and Multi)
  • The battery has a 12-month warranty
  • Accurate and fast Target ID
  • Lightweight and sleek design


  • Package contains wired headphones
  • Not for beginners

8. Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

It is one of the Bounty Hunter’s high-end metal detectors and is recommended for all professional users. The product boasts of great features, which we have listed here:

  • Target ID: Its target ID offers two-digit numerical reading and is shared between Bounty Hunter and Fisher products. Note that the two brands are owned by First Texas Products.
  • Wide-Scale: The target ID offers a scale of 1-99 to allow you to make your decision based on metal conductivity.
  • Fast Recovery Speed: One great thing about the target ID is the speedy recovery time that allows you to do more coin hunting.
  • Maximum Coin Depth Detection: The metal detector can detect a coil rooted 10-inch deep in the ground. You can even find coins below that depth, depending on soil conditions and other factors.
  • Seven Detection Modes: First, there are three detection modes for finding specific kinds of metals. They are jewelry (Disc J), artifacts (Disc A/Relics), and coins (Disc C). You also get an All-Metal Mode that includes all the signals. The last three modes are audio tone modes.
  • Audio Tone Modes: They include Disc 2 (1 tone and V.C.O) (low), Disc 3 (2 tones and V.C.O)(medium), and Disc 4 (3 tones and V.C.O)(high). V.C.O is used for all metal.
  • Manual and Automatic Ground Balance: The feature allows you to find targets in highly mineralized locations.

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Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 45 x 8 x 14 inches
  • Product Weight: 3 pounds
  • Battery Type: 9v battery
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (scale 0-99)


  • Great target ID
  • Easy to use
  • Made of quality material
  • Detects multiple targets


  • Not for saltwater use
  • Pinpoint button issues

9. White’s Electronics Coinmaster

Would you like to own the best metal detector for coins and jewelry? White’s Electronics Coinmaster Metal Detector might be the model for you, and it comes with lots of great features.

  • Rugged Construction: The first thing you might notice about this metal detector is the solid construction that gives you a long-lasting metal detector.
  • Detects Most Metals: It is a machine that you can use to identify multiple targets like jewelry, relics, and coins.
  • Stable Performance: You can bet on effective performance when you choose this metal detector to hunt for precious treasures.
  • Target ID: The target ID helps you to figure out the metal in the ground to ensure that you only dig when you get coins.
  • LCD Display: It is a superb feature that allows you to see the readings and give you a comfortable time.
  • Depth Reading: Another notable feature is the depth reading that gives you an idea of how deep you might dig to get the treasure.
  • Five-Range Discrimination: It allows you to choose what to hear and what to ignore. You can set it to listen to every signal or just that of coins.
  • Lightweight Design: The product is lightweight enough to allow you to use it for hours without feeling fatigued.
  • 9v Batteries: It uses two 9v batteries that can provide service for about 20 hours. They also take a short time to recharge.
  • Waterproof Spider Coil: The metal detector comes with a 9-inch waterproof coil that you can use in various terrains.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 44 x 9.5 x 12 inches
  • Product Weight: 4.19 pounds
  • Battery Type: Two 9v batteries
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes


  • Low battery alert
  • Two 9v batteries for longer operation
  • Clear Target ID
  • Easy to use


  • The metal detector is not waterproof
  • Limited features

10. Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Fisher F44 is a metal detector for people looking for a versatile, powerful, and fast product. It is a weatherproof machine that comes with multiple features such as:

  • Manual and Automatic Ground Balance: The first note feature is the ground balance that you can adjust manually or let the detector adjust according to the grounds.
  • Iron Audio: It FeTone iron audio enables you to adjust the signal’s volume to differentiate between real target and trash.
  • Backlit Display: It comes in handy when searching for treasures during the night or in low light. You can choose from 0-5 brightness settings.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: The model is lightweight enough to allow you to use it for hours without getting tired.
  • Weatherproof Design: The metal detector was not designed to be used underwater, but you can take it to places with extreme weather.
  • Submersible Shaft: The coil and the shaft can remain underwater for hours without getting damaged.
  • Five Discrimination Modes: They include Custom, Artifact, Coin, Jewelry, and All Metal Mode.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 22 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.59 pounds
  • Battery Type: Two AA batteries
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Iron Discrimination: Yes
  • Digital Target ID: Yes (Scale 0-99)


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in detecting coins
  • An affordable product
  • Lightweight design


  • Not waterproof
  • Limited operating hours

Coins Hunting

Best Metal Detectors for Coins Buying Guide

All metal detectors can detect coins and other jewelry, but what features should a coin metal detector have? Let us look at the factors you should consider when buying a detector for coins.

Your Skill Level

First time and professional metal hunters can enjoy coin search. The only difference is beginners should use a simple device compared to the one used by professionals.

A beginner’s metal detector can go for around $100 to $400 and work fine. These products are affordable and come with preset features, removing the need for calibrating.

Advanced coin hunters can go for a mid-level to the high-end detector as it comes with extra features to let you modify the settings. Such a metal detector can allow you to find coins in mineralized ground.

Coin metal detectors for experts can go for anything between $500 to $2,500.  We would recommend you start with a mid-level product that you can use when you become an expert.

Expect to pay around $700 to $1,000 to get an excellent mid-level metal detector for coins.

Search Coils and Frequency

The second thing you should consider is the search coil and the frequency. There are two factors to the search coil, which are shape and size (more on that later).

Most metal detectors for coins come with a 6kHz-8kHz frequency range. Entry-level products come with the frequency calibrated to ensure that you find coins without additional hassles.

It is the perfect range for finding coin-sized objects and can detect up to 10-inch in the ground. You might need a higher frequency if you intend to find jewelry using your coins metal detector.

That means choosing a detector with a frequency range of 10kHz-20kHz. You can detect coins using that frequency range, but you need a more extensive search coil to reach further depth.

A low frequency of 2kHz-5kHz offers perfect depth detection for coins, but you need a smaller search coil to find the exact location of the treasure.

Trash Discrimination

Very Low Frequency (VLF) metal detectors offer accurate discrimination. Pulse Induction (PI) are specialized machines and offer deep detecting (not the best coin).

But why should you consider a metal detector with discrimination? It helps to filter out iron and junk so you can dig the real treasure.

However, screw caps and pull tabs produce similar signals like those of coins. You should choose a metal detector with increased discrimination or enhanced iron resolution to prevent such misinterpretation.

Ground Balance

The highly mineralized ground can cause problems when detecting coins. Iron oxides and salt can discourage new metal hunters as they dig up only to discover it was a false signal.

Ground balance feature can help to cancel these signals and ensure you only dig up when there is a coin. One thing to keep in mind entry-level metal detectors come with preset ground balance.

Other machines come with manual ground balance and are suitable for professional users. Our review also contains metal detectors for coins with both the manual and automatic ground balance.

Pinpointing Ability

You need to find the exact location of your target when you detect it using the metal detector. That can ensure you dig a smaller hole compared to what you would have uncovered without the pointer.

Some coin detectors come with the electronic pinpointer, and that is all possible due to the search coil. A concentric coil is better at pinpointing and easier to use, but it can have its shortcoming.

The important thing is to use a coil that you are familiar with or one you feel comfortable using.

How We Picked the Best Coin Metal Detectors

There are hundreds of metal detectors that can find coins in the ground, and they all have their unique features. We invested hours of research in developing a list of the top ten detectors that you should consider.

But how did we settle for the above ten products? We examined specific features that make a detector stand out from the market.

  • Weight: All the metal detectors in the above review are lightweight to ensure that you feel comfortable when using them. You can take any of the products and use them to search for coins for hours.
  • Size: It is vital to choose a compact metal detector that you can hold without getting tired. We have listed the measurements of all the detectors in our review in the ‘Key Specification’ section, and they all seem compact.
  • Ergonomic Design: Another criterion we used when listing the top ten metal detectors for coins is the design. You should not settle for a product that can give you a lot of trouble when hunting coins.
  • Ease of Use: We also chose metal detectors that are easy to use. That ranges from the button, headphones, display, coils, and other things. You can also assemble these detectors without seeking professional help.
  • Durability: Another thing we considered is the durability of the metal detector. The detectors are durable products that you can use in various conditions and expect to get value for money. These products come with warranties that cover part and manufacturing processes.
  • Reliability: We also considered the steadiness of the metal detector before we decided to review it. You can have confidence that all the products can give you accurate detection of coins, jewelry, and other metals.
  • Customer Review and Ratings: All the metal detectors in our review are highly rated by customers, and they often leave positive reviews. Most users are satisfied and say they detect coins with ease.
  • Weatherproofing: We have included models that are water-resistance and others waterproof. There are several metal detectors for coins in the above review that you can take to the sea to find coins.
  • For Beginners and Experts: We have also included metal detectors that can serve a beginner and others for experts. All metal hunters can get products they can operate with ease and afford.
  • Budget: Another thing we considered is the price of every detector. Here you can get affordable machines if you have a limited budget and expensive ones to suit experts.
  • Frequency: The metal detectors in this review come with frequencies that are suitable for coins and jewelry hunting. Frequency can make a significant difference when finding those old coins.

You can find a metal detector that can give you value for your money, serve your purpose, and detect lots of coins from the above review. The above products are suitable for all users, no matter your skill level or age.

Coins Metal Detector Search Coil

One thing you should consider when choosing a metal detector for coins is the search coil. The two factors to consider are the coil’s size and shape.

These coils come into main shapes: Concentric/Round Coil and DD Coil:

  • Concentric Coil: It is the best coil if you want to pinpoint the exact location of the coin. Such a coil also provides the best configuration for sensitivity.
  • DD Coil: It is the right coil for detectorists looking for coins in mineralized areas. Such a coil is also suitable for finding relics and gold. Check best metal detector for gold

When it comes to size, you should consider medium and large coils:

  • Medium Size Coil: It is the best coil for searching coins and is present in most metal detectors.
  • Large Coil: It can come in handy if you are hunting in areas where coins are deeply hidden in the ground.
metal detecting for coins

Our Top Pick: Garrett AT PRO

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector comes with a 24-month warranty that shows it is a quality machine. It includes an 8.5-inch x 11-inch PROformance DD submersible search coil.

Another great feature is the premium volume-control that makes it an easy-to-use metal detector. You can submerge the metal detector up to 10-foot in the water to find coins and other metals.

Coin Metal Detector FAQ

We have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions to help you understand coins metal detectors in detail.

Why Should I Use a Metal Detector for Coins and Jewelry?

Coins are often found in most hunting grounds where metal detectorists go looking for the treasures. Finding a modern coin might not be exciting, although it can add value to your bank account.

Many people look for older coins, which are more valuable than modern ones. These coins are made of silver and can fetch you at least $100 per coin. Jewelry is also a great find and can make you rich.

You can improve the chances of finding jewelry and coins if you get a metal detector that detects these two elements.

Are Coins Made of Different Metals?

Modern coins are made of zinc, copper, nickel, or a combination of these metals. It is not exciting to find these metals as they might not be worth much.

Older coins are made of silver, which happens to be valuable. An older coin made of copper can also be expensive. You should research the value of the coin you find to know if it is a treasure or trash.

What Jewelry Can I Find Using My Coin Metal Detector?

You can find bronze, platinum, silver, and gold jewelry using a metal detector for coins. These materials are quite valuable, meaning that you can fetch some money if you decide to sell them.

It is even possible to sell old jewelry as scrap metals if they are damaged. A metal detector cannot detect jewels made of pearls and diamonds.

Which is the Best Place to Look for Coins?

There are many places you can find coins using your metal detector. However, you might need to visit old sites to find older coins.

That means visiting abandoned buildings, swimming sites, parks, forts, churches, and historic homes. Some of these places might require you to get a permit before you can begin to look for coins.

Which is the Best Metal Detector for Coins/Jewelry?

There are several quality metal detectors that you can buy and begin to hunt for coins. The important thing is to choose a coin and jewelry product to be confident you have the best machine.

You should also choose a detector with ground balance and discrimination to avoid digging junk and trash metals. The best device should also have a pinpointer for locating the specific location of the coin, earrings, rings, and others.

What Frequency Can Provide Results When Hunting Coins?

A mid-level frequency can get you more coins and jewelry. Some metal detectors for coins offer adjustable frequency modes that can allow you to choose the ideal level.

A lower frequency might be suitable for searching for more profound coins. If you wish to search for gold coins or jewelry, then you should use a higher frequency.

A metal detector with a frequency of between 2kHz to 7kHz can easily find coins and jewelry.

Final Verdict

It is easy to start looking for coins and other jewelry if you can find the best metal detectors for coins. There are many places where you can search for these treasures, including parks and school grounds.

The vital thing is to ensure that you get a detector that can make you a professional in detecting these metals. Luckily, we have already reviewed the top ten detectors for coins to help you choose the one that meets your needs.