Top 10 Best Metal Detector Pinpointer (2021)– Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Metal Detector PinpointerA pinpointer is a smaller version of a metal detector that you can hold with your hand to pinpoint the exact location of your target. But what is the best metal detector pinpointer?

The best pinpointer can benefit both the seasoned and beginner hunters to spot their precious treasures. One great thing about these systems is they are quite affordable as they cost between $50 to $200.

They come in varying sizes, shapes, and makes, making it hard to choose the best on the market. But that does not need to be the case if you read this review and guide of metal detector pinpointers.

The Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

The market offers different types of metal detector pinpointers to suit every user’s needs. Here we have reviewed the top ten products you can find out there – note their various features.

1. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

Garret 1140900 is an orange metal detector pinpointer that stands out from most tools thanks to its excellent features and ability to search up to 10-foot. It is a waterproof model that gives you up to 11.5kHz frequency to ensure you detect metals underwater.

The Pointer allows you to adjust the sensitivity range to match your needs. It is also possible to set it on beep or vibration mode to produce minimal noise.

Another great feature is the automatic control that comes in handy to add to the usability of the product. That feature makes it comfortable to use and is enhanced by the compact size of the detector.

It is a model that you can carry from one area to another without worrying about carrying extra weight. The package also includes a carrying bag.

It is the perfect Pinpointer for professionals and beginners, and that is possible due to its advanced but straightforward features. Besides the simple specifications, the unit comes with a manual book that you can read to know how to use it effectively.

The other notable feature is the powerful microchip computer system that improves its performance. That technology is patented by the brand and make it a better product compared to what you can find on the shelves.

The device offers an ultra-fast and ultra-slow search system to help you identify even the metal at the bottom of a lake. It is the best metal detecting pinpointer for people who want to avoid junk metals underwater.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 9 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item weight: 9 ounces
  • Maximum reach: 10-feet
  • Manufacturer: Garrett
  • Settings: 3 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: silent (vibration only)


  • Detects small metals up to 10-foot
  • Waterproof search system
  • Easy to use
  • No false signals


  • Uses lots of power
  • A small device

2. Deteknix Pin-Pointer 

Deteknix Xpointer is a highly-rated pinpoint metal detector, although it is expensive. It does a great job and can provide you with service for years, meaning you do not need to buy another device any time soon.

The product boasts a firm-built that resembles that of Garrett 1140900, so you can save a few dollars if you opt for this device instead of Garrett’s one. It is an excellent product if you are looking for metals hidden in piles of dirt.

One feature that makes it a superb unit is the sensor, which is accurate to allow you to find those metals. You can bet on 100% precise results that yield to satisfying outcomes.

The pointer also works well even when the metal detector is not that effective. And it allows you to enjoy a broad coverage of up to 360-degree and about 4-inch deep, depending on the surface.

One thing you should note is the system is water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof like the Garrett detector. That means you can use it when it is raining or touch it with water, but you should not use it underwater.

It comes with two sensitivity button modes that let you vary the accuracy when searching via soil. The unit gives you a loud beep that is audible while the device is under the surface – it also vibrates.

Another notable feature is the bright LED flashlight that makes it perfect to use during the night. You can find this device in four different colors, including the standard orange.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 9.06 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches
  • Item weight: 7 ounces
  • Maximum reach: 4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Deteknix
  • Settings: 4 sensitive settings
  • Mode: Beep and vibrate


  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Water-resistance design
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • LED flashlight


  • Not waterproof
  • For professional use

3. Minelab PRO-FIND 35

Minelab PRO-FIND 35 is a leading waterproof pin pointer that provides lots of great features. It is among the best seller devices on the market today and is more affordable compared to most products out there.

The unit gives you a rugged, waterproof design that is perfect for use in rivers and beaches. You can use it to find coins resting 10-foot under the water or ground.

Another feature is the vibration and audio indicator that increases when the pointer approaches the metal. That makes it an efficient unit that you can use to recover objects with ease when they are underwater.

It allows you to adjust the sensitivity – you can choose among five settings to enjoy the precise function you desire. You should not fret about noise as you can change it for minimum noise, not just the maximum depth.

One thing to note is it is easy to use the adjusting plus/minus buttons as they are well spaced. It comes in a visible yellow handgrip that can ensure you locate your system with ease.

The model also boasts of lost-alarm that can ensure you trace the pinpointer when you lose or leave it behind. It also has a holster as well as a lanyard that you can attach to all belts and keep your device ready.

The product was designed to last for years, even when you use it under harsh conditions, such as lakes. It is the perfect detector for both the professional and beginners.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements:31 x 3.54 x 2.36 inches
  • Item weight:6 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 10 feet
  • Manufacturer: MINELAB
  • Settings: 5 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Beep and minimum noise


  • Does a perfect job
  • Easy to use
  • Quite durable


  • Color catches dirt
  • Takes time to get used to the system

4. DR. OTEK IP68 Pinpointer

OTEK IP68 is a waterproof pinpointer metal detector that ensures you conduct search up to 32-foot deep. You can take this device to point under the water in oceans, ponds, rivers, and lakes without worrying about anything.

The 32-feet depth gives you an advantage compared to other pointers that allow you to search for only 13-feet. And the system allows for 360-degree coverage to precisely located lost jewelry, thumbtacks, and screws.

It is also accurate when searching for metals buried under piles of soil – you do not need to dig anything. The product saves you time when doing outdoor or indoor treasure hunt and provides precise results.

Another feature is the single button design that ensures you get an easy time when operating the pinpointer. It is the perfect system for adults and kids.

The device helps to save power by shutting down after five minutes when you do not touch it. It also offers up to four-level LEDs to let you point the object accurately in all environments.

The unit comes with a better design compared to most detectors out there that allow for LED flashing and vibration instead of noise. You can work quietly without disturbing wildlife and other people.

The metal detector pinpointer can be the ideal Christmas gift for your family and friends who love treasure hunting. Its compact design allows you to carry it without any hassle as you enjoy your outdoor adventure.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 11 x 3 x 2.3 inches
  • Item weight:6 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 32 feet
  • Manufacturer: OTEK
  • Settings: 4 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Flashing light and vibration


  • Provides 360-degree reach
  • Waterproof construction
  • Detects tiny metals


  • Quite expensive
  • Does not produce a beep

5. I/M XP Deus MI-6 Pinpointer

I/M XP Deus is an innovative metal detector pointer with lots of features that you cannot find in most products. You can add the XP Deus metal detector to enjoy better clarity or just use it alone.

It comes with a unique design that allows the audio signal to reach the DEUS through a radio link. The unit uses a lithium battery that provides charge for an extended duration and is easy to recharge.

You can submerge this metal detector pinpointer up to 20-feet, and it remains waterproof no matter where you use it. It comes with audio, vibrate, sensitivity, and LED adjustments that are easy to use.

It can allow for further adjustments when you connect through the DEUS menu to give you up to 2 audio modes, adjustable tones, programs, level indicators, MI-6 recovery mode, and 50 levels of sensitivity.

The recovery mode helps you to find your device with ease, even when it is lost for weeks. You can have confidence the device can give you service for years without getting lost.

Another notable feature is the compact design that lets you carry your Pointer whenever you go without a hassle. The design gives you a lightweight product that is comfortable to use for hours without getting tired.

It also comes in a comfortable shape that allows you to hold it in your hand for hours. The system beeps or rings when you find your treasure and gives you accurate results.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements:31 x 2.52 x 2.28 inches
  • Item weight:2 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 20 feet
  • Manufacturer: I/M XP
  • Settings: 50 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: bleep or ring


  • Research mode for locating the device
  • Audio tone adjustments
  • Battery indicator


  • A bit noisy
  • Complicated to use

6. White’s Electronics TRX Bullseye Pin-Pointer 

White’s Electronics TRX Bullseye Pin-Pointer can be the perfect metal detector for people wishing to hunt treasures. It can let you locate rings, relics, gold, jewelry, and coins.

The system ensures you pinpoint the metal without tuning. That means you only need to dig the hole when you locate the treasure and then precisely pinpoint the object.

One notable thing is the system goes on automatically when you want to use it and off when it remains idle. And it offers a useful LED light that lights the target area, ensuring that you search for coins in the middle of the night.

The system comes with two AA batteries that provide up 20 hours of service, or you can use a 9V battery. It is quite flexible when it comes to power, and this freedom lets you choose your desired power source.

The system’s detection sensor is concentrated on the tip to make it easy to spot the target fast. It is a powerful device that provides up to 12 kHz of operating frequency that does not affect any other detector.

In terms of alert, you can either set it to vibrate or produce a sound. The unit also comes with a 2-year warranty that covers parts and design – you can have peace because you have a durable detector.

It also comes with a holster that allows you to attach the device to a 3-inch belt for more comfortable usage. You can also find it with ease using the lost alarm, and it notifies you when it gets overloaded.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 18 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches
  • Item weight:8 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 10 feet
  • Manufacturer: White’s Electronics
  • Settings: 3 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Vibrate or audio


  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Able to detect metals with ease
  • Made to last for years


  • Only 20 hours of operation
  • It does not have a carrying bag

7. Quest 1V_1701.102 Xpointer Pro

One feature you notice when you get the Quest 1V_1701.102 is the crisp sound. You can hear the beep, even if the tone sped up, and the signal gets close.

Its vibration is also stable, and you can hear the device shaking your hands. Note that the pinpointer speeds up the tone pattern and wave when it gets near the treasures.

Another great feature is the built-in LED flashlight that allows you to use the Pointer during the night. There is also an indicator that you can turn on when the torch is on.

You can easily change the sensitivity if you find it hard to locate the target. Note that the device gives you up to a 4-level adjustment.

Another great feature is the LiPoly battery that lasts for hours without losing power. And it only takes a few hours for it to get fully charged and ready for a hunt.

You should also note that you can always hook the battery to a power bank and enjoy nonstop excavation. The other feature is the waterproof nature of the Pointer; there are hundreds of metal detectors pin pointers that are water-resistant, but you cannot submerge them in water since they are not waterproof.

It allows you to enter a body mass of up to 200 feet and still provide you with the excellent service you desire. You can even take it into the deep ocean to hunt for precious metals.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 11 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 200 feet
  • Manufacturer: Quest Metal Detectors
  • Settings: 4 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Vibrate, flash, and audio


  • Comes with a waterproof design
  • Made of quality material
  • Able to provide accurate results


  • Need to charge the battery after a hunt
  • Not quite effective in soil

8. Nokta Pointer Detector

Nokta Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer is an all-terrain, waterproof, handheld device that performs excellently in all weather conditions. You can use it to detect treasures on water and land, making it a versatile product.

It is a system that detects targets 50% times faster compared to most devices on the market today. The unit lasts for decades and comes with two removable slip-on cases that can prevent wear.

Another notable thing is the two years warranty that you get when you choose this pointer. It gives you peace, knowing you are protected from any premature damage that might arise due to the manufacturing process.

The device uses a 9V alkaline battery that you can recharge and enjoy up to 30 hours of treasure hunting. Its working frequency is 11.6kHz, and you can find metals in temperatures of between -4-degree F and 122-degree F.

It alerts you of any treasure through audio or vibration, and you can choose to use the two settings at once. The product is lightweight enough to allow you to use it for long without getting tired.

It also comes with a lightweight construction that ensures you carry your pointer without getting tired. The gray/orange color combination makes it a highly visible device that you can find with ease.

You can use the Pointer underwater and on land without a hassle and enjoy up to 3-foot reach. It also allows for 360-degree detection to ensure you locate the treasure easily and quickly in the hole.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements:8 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches
  • Item weight:35 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 3 feet
  • Manufacturer: Nokta
  • Settings: 4 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Vibrate or/and audio


  • Effective on land and water
  • Quite sensitive
  • Can adapt in high/low temperature


  • Can get broken easily
  • Slightly expensive

9. Kuman Metal Detectors Pin Pointer 

Kuman Pin Pointer Water Resistant Metal Detectors is designed for all treasure hunters who have limited budgets. It is a premium product that costs less than $30 and still carries all the features of other expensive brands.

The unit offers superb sensitivity that lets you scan a wide area and pinpoint the precise location of the metal. According to metal detector pinpointer reviews, you should look for a product that gives at least a 3-inch sensitivity, and this product matches it.

The best thing is it provides you with three signals, which are vibration, sound, and light. It is also a water resistance product, although you should not submerge it in water.

Another feature is the accurate results you get when using these Pinpointer. You can expect to get about 99% precise reading and find your treasure hidden in the ground.

The device also works for almost all types of metals and has a single button that you can push to operate it. It provides you with an LED light that lets you use the pinpointer during the night and expect to see clearly.

Its package also includes a retractable ganging wire, a hostler, and a scrapper. The device was designed for both adults and kids ( for more kids metal detector), as well as rookies and professionals.

You also get a waterproof case that you can use to carry your pointer even when it is raining.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 9 x 2.5 x 2 inches
  • Item weight:21 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 4 inches
  • Manufacturer: Kuma
  • Settings: 2 sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Vibrate, sound, and light


  • Gives you three signals
  • Able to provide an accurate reading
  • Comes with a flashlight


  • Not waterproof
  • Offers a limited reach

10. Teknectics Tek-Point Pinpointer

The Pointer comes inside a carton box with a protective case and a manual. Although it is not the brightest out there, you can easily spot the pinpointer when laying on the grass.

Its handle comes with rubber that allows for a steady grip to guarantee smooth usage. There is a ruler with centimeters and inches reading that can help you know how far it has been in the ground.

The product nozzle is quite thick, making it perfect for loosening or digging the surface. You can bet the product can scan up to 360-degree and enable you to scan the whole area.

It also comes with two AA batteries that can give you service for several days before replacing them. Note that you can also use a rechargeable battery, but it cannot last longer than the AA batteries.

You can also submerge the product up to 6-feet underwater when searching for treasures. And the device can work effectively in both fresh and brackish water – you should not submerge it in water for more than 60 minutes.

The system was designed to work with other metal detectors without affecting their operating frequency. That means there cannot be noise when you are working with other treasure hunters.

It can even produce phantom signals if it is operating at a maximum sensitivity level. The unit allows you to manage it with just a single touch of a button.

It also comes with an adjustable LED light, which lets you select minimally or switch off the light.

Key Specifications

  • Product measurements: 10 x 3.25 x 2 inches
  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • Maximum Reach: 6 feet
  • Manufacturer: Technetics
  • Settings: Variable sensitivity settings
  • Modes: Vibrate, sound, and light


  • Can work with other detectors
  • Made of quality material
  • Easy to use


  • Requires you to change the batteries regularly
  • Not quite waterproof

Buying Guide of Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

metal detecting pinpointer

There is no single metal detector pinpointer that can be said to be the best in the market today. What might work for you might not work for another person, depending on the environment and what you intend to find.

What factors should one consider when choosing your pinpointer?

  • Sound Signal

It is a vital feature to look for when choosing your metal detector pinpointer as it notifies you when there is a valuable treasure. Some models allow the user to adjust the signal – to be louder or quieter – to suit your needs.

You should also choose a product that produces a different sound when you are far from the target or near the metal. The tone should be more audible when you are near the treasure.

  • Sensitivity Levels

The level of sensitivity is critical when picking a pinpointer for detecting metals. A three levels model is perfect for beginners, as it is a primary system.

Professionals should opt for a pointer with about 4-5 levels. The levels of sensitivity help you to figure out the type of metal you have located.

That is the reason you need multiple levels of sensitivity to ensure that you only dig when you find the treasure you want.

  • Detection Range

You do not need a pinpointer that can cover a wide range since it is the metal detector that locates the target. Nonetheless, you should find a system that can provide a broader reach to ensure that you cover more ground fast when looking for metals.

The best pinpointer should provide you coverage of between 2-4 inches. You can even get models that can offer a 5-inch reach or even more.

The important thing is to buy a pinpointer that can serve your purpose when it comes to the reach.

  • Power Consumption

One critical thing you should check is how long the battery can last when the device is active. Pinpointers metal detecting is a process that can take hours, and that calls for a durable battery and a machine that consumes less power.

Generally, a pinpointer consumes lots of power since it operates regularly when you are looking for treasures. Also, you need to note the beeping sound, vibrations, and lights as they consume energy.

With that said, you do not need to worry about the product you buy if you do metal hunting during your free time. It is only regular users that should choose a system with a durable battery and one that consumes less energy.

That includes choosing a pinpointer with features that save the battery.

  • Weather-Resistance or Waterproof Design

You do not need a waterproof metal detector, but that cannot be said of the pinpointer. Some pinpointers only offer a waterproof tip, with the rest of the body being water-resistance.

That is good, but the model can get damaged if you hunt underwater for long. You should get a pinpointer that is submersible or fully waterproof to allow you to do your search with peace of mind.

Do You Need Pinpointer in Metal Detector?

A pinpointer plays a vital role in narrowing down the target’s location to make it easier to find the precious metal. The best pinpointer can also help you in the following ways:

You Save Time: It can take time to dig the metal if you do not know where it is located. That include:

  • Digging the hole, which could be deep
  • Search for the treasure in the hole or the dirt you remove from the hole
  • Fill the hole with dirt to prevent accidents

A pinpointer can ensure that you dig near the target. That means you dig a smaller hole that takes less time. You can also retrieve your item with ease and even fill in dirt faster when you are done.

You Save Energy: You spend less energy digging and squatting if you know where the precious target is located. Those are two areas of metal detecting that can tire the hunter within a short time.

Things can get even more tiring if you are searching for metals in places with roots and rocks.

One-Piece Targets: Another benefit of using a pinpointer is you reduce the risk of damaging your treasure. You can be careful when digging the hole since you have an idea of where the metal is rusting.

Pinpointers are especially useful when digging up relics that have been in the ground for decades.

Can Use at Night: Modern pinpointers come with LED lights that enable the user to see during the night. You can light these flashlights and continue your hunt deep into the night.

Pinpointers also come in handy if you are searching in dark structures or caves. They can free your hands that you would need to carry a touch.

Types of Metal Detector Pinpointer

Metal detectors and metal detector pinpointers are classified into three categories: Very Low Frequency (VLF), Pulse Induction (PI), and Multi-Frequency (MF).

  • Very Low Frequency

They are ideal for beginners and are budget-friendly. These products are quite popular with most hunters and are economical to produce.

They are efficient in finding and marking the exact position of the object. These models have two coils: a detector coil and a transmitter one.

The coils help to locate metal under the surface. A VLF model’s transmitter coil produces and projects a magnetic field while the detector coil listens to any resonance to detect the bounced signal.

  • Pulse Induction

They are more expensive than the VLF models, but also provide more benefits. You can tune the PI systems to detect specific types of metals.

These devices come with just a single coil that helps to transmit and receive the signal. They are the best machines for locating precious items in areas with lots of minerals since they are not affected by mineralization.

  • Multi-Frequency

They can easily change their frequency and are mainly used by professional metal detectors. Unlike the PI that is suitable for urban settings, these units do a great job in these areas and beaches.

You can use them to detect metal and perform other kinds of detection by varying their frequency via the control panel. They are also the most expensive among the three types of metal detector pinpointers.

Note: You can also classify pinpointers using multiple variables like single-button operation vs. multi-button models, freshwater products vs. saltwater ones, submersible vs. water-resistance, and many more.

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Metal Detector Pinpointer FAQ

The FAQ section looks at the most common questions about metal detector pinpointers. They include:

Q: What is a Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A: Pinpointers are small metal detectors that you can use to pinpoint or laser in your target. You can hold a pinpointer with your hand, unlike metal detectors, because of its small size.

Q: What is the Work of a Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A:  It helps the user to pinpoint the exact location of the precious metals after locating it with the metal detector. First, you need to dig up the hole to ensure that you get the precise location when you use the pinpointer.

Q: Is a Metal Detector Pinpointer Necessary when Hunting Treasures?

A: The primary function of a metal detector pinpointer is to narrow down the target’s area to make it simple to find it. Pinpointers can also make your search better in these ways: saves time, saves energy, prevent artifact damage, and more.

It can take longer to dig out targets if you only use the metal detector to locate them.

Q: How Do Metal Detector Pinpointers Work?

A: You insert the pinpointer in the hole you dig after spotting a metal using the standard metal detector. It helps you to get an idea of where the item is located and narrow the search area.

That helps you to dig a smaller hole and pull out your metal from the dirt faster. It lets you figure out the depth of the target.

Having the best pinpointer can make it easier and faster to recover your target.

Q: How Much Does a Metal Detector Pinpointer Cost?

A: Pinpointers are cheaper compared to standard metal detectors. An entry-level model can go for about $100 – there are top-quality products from reputable brands that are within a $100-$200 price range.

You might feel like a burden to get a pinpointer if you have a metal detector, but its benefits are worth it. It is a product that allows you to do more hunt by saving time, effort, and frustrations.

Q: Should I Choose a Water-Resistance or Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A:  It depends on where you want to hunt your treasure. A water-resistance product can work on dry ground and even allow you to find treasure when it is raining.

Waterproof models let you look for treasure underwater without getting damaged. It is advisable to get a pinpointer with a waterproof tip no matter where you intend to look for these treasures.

Q: What is the Best Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A: That comes down to the water you wish to hunt your metal. All the waterproof products can perform efficiently in freshwater – places with no minerals.

What that means is saltwater can interfere with your pinpointer like the way it affects more significant metal detectors. You should consider choosing a pinpointer with the pulse induction technology if you want to hunt under saltwater.

Q:  Is a Cheap Metal Detector Pinpointer Good?

A: Cheap metal detector pinpointers can match the more expensive models when it comes to accuracy. However, they might not offer some features like retuning, depth detection, new technology, and waterproofness.

Q: How Deep Can Metal Detector Pinpointers Detect?

A: These products detect about 3-5 inches. They are not meant to find valuable objects in the ground, but to pinpoint the exact position after digging the hole.

Q: Where Can I Buy a Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A: The best place to buy your pinpointer is from online stores as they often provide a variety of products. You can choose from multiple brands, models, and makes.

Final Verdict

A metal detector pinpointer offers a lot of benefits that can make your hunt more productive. It is a tool that can make your metal detecting adventure easier, making you wonder how you did searches before without it.

These tools have been shown to save time and energy; you would have wasted digging the hole. The best metal detector pinpointer also allows you to cover more extensive space by ensuring that you filter out the junks.